Friday, 18 May 2018

Toolkit 2/Submission Post/Term 2 & 3/18 May 2018

Term 1/Toolkit 2/Submission Post/12 Jan 2018

Term 2 & 3/Toolkit 2

Life Drawing

Mudbox Workshops

Clay Sculpting

Maya Workshops


Facial Animation

Maya Tutorials

Lighting and Rendering 2/Arnold

Pipeline 1/Skinning

Pipeline 1/Rigging

Pipeline 1/Facial Rigging 1

Pipeline 1/Facial Rigging 2

Pipeline 1/Facial Rigging 3


  1. Note: Toolkit 2 includes work before the Christmas break. Tookkit 2 is a year long project so this submission should include ALL of your work from September onwards.

  2. Hi Alan, there is a link to the Toolkit Submission post from the Term 1 which includes all my work from September to January. Is that alright or should I link everything individually from the term 1 as well?