Friday, 18 May 2018

Premise/Submission Post

The Art of 'Stories written in skin'

Final Audio Excerpts from the interviews so far

Link to the full interviews here.



Reflective Statement 

I have enjoyed working on a project with so much freedom and preparing the foundation for the final short film in year three. It was quite challenging at the times especially towards the beginning as there was so much options what could I possibly do. I don't feel that my concept is fully finished yet and prepared for the final animation. As I mentioned during my crit presentation I definitely want to continue with interviewing more people over the summer to have more material to work with and choose from. I also hope that whilst I will be continuing with more interviews I will become a bit more comfortable in a role of interviewer, with sound recording and camera work as all of these elements were very new to me which I had almost no or just very little experience with.

Another important part of this project which I think still needs a lot of work and improvements is figuring out how to bring ink and 2D drawings of tattoos into a 3D space. I have started with a few tests during this term but I think that in order to successfully prepare a concept for my final third year projet I need to do a lot more tests and experiments with softwares to better explore options I would have to realizing my idea of bringing tattoos into life and using them as a storytelling medium.

Besides of the two main parts of the project mentioned above, I will also take into consideration thoughts and comments during the feedback after the presentation on the crit day which some of them were surprising to me and some of them already crossed my mind during the time of working on this project. The main elements mentioned in the feedback that I think will really help my project were for example: I need to figure out why the tattoos are moving, why are they leaving the skin and what is their purpose; I could maybe also try out using VFX in real life not only bringing real photos into a CGI environment, using a real life media as ink for example should also help me, and think of myself more as a storyteller in this project not just standing aside whilst telling other people's stories.

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