Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Premise/Animation Technique Experiment #01/Rotoscoping Animation/Planar Tracking with Mocha in AE

For the past few days I've been trying to figure out some technical questions and how to merge 2D and 3D animation. I was researching techniques that have been used for animations like 'Paperman' or Maui's tattoos animation in 'Moana'. I found out that Disney studio was using their own softwear called 'Meander' which is not currently accessible for the public. After some more research on how to replicate this technique and achieve similar effect of moving 2D pictures on the skin of a 3D character I found out that I might be able to do so with rotoscoping and tracking techniques. 

I found and downloaded free basic female 3D model which I've then slightly resculpted and rigged her upper body just so that I would be able to run some tests on it. 

I've tried to follow several tutorials which were explaining the techniques for basic (one or two point) tracking in After Effects and planar tracking using mocha in AE. While it looked quite simple and straightforward in the tutorial, when I tried to apply similar effect on the character it wasn't working very well and I still can't figure out what am I doing wrong and why the tracking area is always jumping around and stretching out. 

I will probably move on to try animate the texture of the character in Maya and then come back to planar tracking technique in AE after that to try out different tutorials and settings. 

Preparations in Maya (I've also rendered out motion vector pass and then I've realized I didn't really needed it for tracking in AE).

Basic tracking in After Effects.

Planar Tracking in Mocha.

The planar tracking in mocha seemed to kind of work whilst I was tracking, it wasn't jumping of the tracking surface as the tracking technique before but when I took the tracking data back into After Effects and applied drawing on it, it ended up being super stretched out.

Tests of tracking techniques so far


Explanation of Technique used for 'Paperman'

Disney's Meander Software

Maui's tattoos animation process and techniques


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