Thursday, 29 March 2018

Maya Tutorials/Pipeline 1: Skinning 03 - 05 Corrections

I went through the skinning tutorials again to fix the problems as whilst I was working on these tutorials a few weeks ago, I made a mistake somewhere between second and third part of skinning tutorials which was later causing problems and making the character's whole body asymmetrical.

I've also slightly remodelled his boots because I though they were looking a bit strange and as they were both left sided. I don't know if I was just looking at them for too long or they were actually looking odd but I am more happy with their look now with a slightly more rounded edges and overall shape. (left - before, right - after)

Skinning Part 03: Binding & Weight Grouping the Mesh

Skinning Parts 04 - 05: Blending the Upper & Lower Body

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