Sunday, 18 February 2018

Thesis Proposal OGR


  1. Hi Michaela - this all looks very good in terms of subject focus and you selection of resources. It would be an idea to explore the Library's collections more fully as we have lots of material on cinema and film studies. Searching for 'art cinema' in the catalogue brings back some useful results, especially the chapter on 'Surrealist Cinema' in Paul Young and Paul Duncan's 'Art Cinema'.

    It's really important that you make use of the Library;s academic journals for this topic, as they will be the place where David Lynch, Francis Bacon and relevant film and art theories are put together. The best way to start on this is by trying some searches in the Library's articles and book chapters search, which you can find under 'My Library' on MyUCA. I've linked to an example search to show how relevant and useful journal articles will be for you dissertation:!/search?ho=t&fvf=ContentType,Journal%20Article,f%7CContentType,Book%20%2F%20eBook,f&l=en&q=%22david%20lynch%22%20%22francis%20bacon%22.

    If you need any further help with research or with using the articles search, please let me know and/or book a tutorial.


    1. Hi Andrew,

      thank you very much. I'll make sure that I'm using library's resources and library's academic journals more efficiently to find more material on cinema and film studies.