Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Premise/Farther Research/Visual Influences

Animal Totems/Power Animals:

 - many tribes believe that every one has their power animal as a guardian who appears in their dreams or Vision Quest (attempt to find power animal through fasting, isolation, meditation sometimes even through a trance state)
 - these power animals or spirit guides/animal totems walk through life with them, teaching, guiding and protecting them
 - animal totems also included supernatural creatures from Native American mythology and legends
 - all of them have a special meaning, characteristics and significance
 - animal totems were not worshiped but they inspired immense respect
 - the idea behind totemism is that people have a spiritual connection with creatures and objects of naturue
 - totemism is very similar to animism - belief that universe and all natural objects within the universe have souls and spirits (every animal, plant, rock ..)

Symbolism, War Paint: 

- native american symbols held a secret messages
- Traditional Native American pictures were usually flat, highly colorful, and two-dimensional
- symbols were geometric portrayals of celestial bodies, natural phenomena and animal designs.
- war body paintings held also secret symbols and messages
- symbols could:
     - be spiritual based in nature and express theire religion and beliefs
     - have immediate messages to other tribes identifying clans or tribes
     - be specific to individual families (similar to family emblem), passed from one generation to another
     - have practical purpose such as providing directions or indications
- theybelieve that certain colors have religious, or sacred, meanings and connotations
- Native American Symbols are often used in tattoos featuring pictures and the culture of American Indians
- the significance of different designs of American Indian tattoos varied as did the reasons for adopting tattoo traditions (they might be symbolic marking an important event, person's progress in life, ..)

Some of the Native American symbols/animal totems I am considering of using:

Animal Totems and Meanings:
Alligator - Emotional understanding, cleansing & Spiritual Healing
Bat - Death and Rebirth and Guardian of the Night
Beaver - Creative and Artistic ability, builder, resourcefulness and determination
Bobcat - Independence, Clear Vision and self relianceButterfly - Represents transformation and the ability to accept changeCrocodile - Strong will, Emotional understanding, cleansing and healing
Coyote - Helps you recognize your own mistakes, Stealth, Clowning and Humor
Crow - Find balance living in present, release past beliefs, Skill and Cunning
Dog - Guidance, Loyalty and trust
Dragonfly - Dreams, Illusions, Ever-changing Life
Eagle - The Guardian of the Skies. The Eagle symbolizes great Strength, courage Leadership and PrestigeThe Falcon - Soul Healing, Speed and Movement
The Fox - Cunning, Stealth and Feminine Courage
Mouse - Observant qualities and diligence
Raven - Creation & Knowledge - Bringer of the Light
Porcupine - Safety and Protection
Snake - Power of Transformation. The Snakesymbolizes Rebirth, Resurrection and Initiation
The Whale - Ancient Knowledge, Awareness
The Wolf - Intelligence & Leadership - Strong Sense of Family,The Pathfinder. The Wolf symbolizes Intelligence & Leadership

Influences and visual references:

Even nowadays tattoos have often secret messages, symbols or tell a story about the person's life. Dwayne Johnson (voice of Moana's Maui) talks about the story behind his tattoo. 

The tattoos of the Jeremy character appears on his body after he accomplishes certain tasks. The tattoos slowly reveal map. 

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