Friday, 12 January 2018

Toolkit 2: Character Design/One day challenge

Danger Mouse (2015)

For our last character design workshops, we've been devided into groups where each group have been asked to bring new ideas and characters into already existing shows. My group was asked to bring new characters into the latest instalment of British TV serie Danger Mouse. After a research and discutions within our group we've came up with five new characters. Below is definition and initial ideas of one of them.

Punkqueen Pinguin:
- works for a new vilain (who is a music producer and father of Danger Mouse's subject of interest)
- it's a female pinguin who is obsessed with punk/rock music
- classic angry, arogant teenager
- not the smartest one and grumpy
- her best friend who works with her for the same vilain is obsessed with rap music and therefore they put together create an interesting duo

Visual Influences

Initial Sketches

Farther Development

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