Thursday, 14 December 2017

Collaboration/Hero's Journey Short/The Making of/Reflective Statement

Hero's Journey, final short animation

The Making of Hero's Journey document

Reflective Statement

I was quite anxious before the start of this collaboration project as everyone has different ways of working and expressing themselves. I've also never participated on a similar project before so I didn’t know what to expect, but after this experience, I think that the key factors to a successful collaboration are to be open-minded, reliable, listen to other people‘s opinions and to be willing to discuss any issues or problems. I was lucky enough to be put together into a group with hard-working and open-minded people with which we were able to successfully produce short animation.

We named our animation studio 'Twisted Turtle Studios' and my collaborative partners were Michael Brook and Douy Singsamran. After a first few weeks of coming up with initial ideas, we realized that we've been looking at the given theme, 'Forgotten/Failed Superheroes' from the wrong angle and those ideas don't have much of a potential. Therefore, we had some difficulties in the early stages of our collaboration but once we came up with a new concept and refined our new ideas, the collaboration started to be a fun and enjoyable project.

At the beginning of the project, we've been asked to allocate specific job roles for each member of the group. We split the tasks as follows: Michael - project director, Douy - art director, myself - producer. Our group was working democratically throughout the whole project and we've been trying to be helpful and supportive towards each other. As we've been working on this project democratically, listening to each other's opinions and asking for feedback, our group never experienced any arguments. Even if we had some differences in our opinions, we managed to resolve and find a solution in a calm and mature way.

This collaboration project was in some ways easier and in some ways harder than the previous ones when we all had to handle the projects individually. The easier part was that making the decisions and the variety of jobs needed for creating short animation were evenly distributed amongst three people. In my opinion, by focusing only on a few selected jobs and have always someone to ask for any advice, feedback or help to resolve some issue, we were able to increase the quality of our work. The harder part was the consciousness of someone else relying on my work or waiting for me to finish my part to be able to continue with his part. It definitely adds a lot more pressure but on the other hand, it also pushed me to get better with meeting deadlines and organising my time.

Even that this collaboration project taught me a lot and helped me to improve a whole range of skills, there are a few elements which I wish I have done better. Time management is a thing with which I've been struggling the most throughout the all previous projects. I think that during the collaboration project my time management skills got way much better. Although, I came across some errors which caused that I wasn't reliable and available all the times as I should or want to be for the rest of the group. I also feel that in later stages when we moved on to the production part, I've spent too much time on improving small unnecessary details which left me with not enough time to produce my part of animating the scenes with higher quality. Time management and organising the work better are two main elements I am aware of that I need to improve.

Overall I've enjoyed working on this project with other people and I find this collaboration experience very interesting and successful. I think that we've managed to communicate effectively inside of our group and come out with a solid piece of work which all three of us are happy with.

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