Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Perspective Lectures: 'Ouroboros'


- genre that self-consciously reflects on its narrative technique
- it discusses, analyzes and describes the conventions of fiction genre and expectations of the audience
- openly draws attention to the fact that it is imaginary
- states and deconstructs philosophic and critical questions about the realtion between fiction and reality
- constantly reminds the audience hat they are watching or reading a fictional work


- the interconnection between similar or relaed works of literature, theatre or other artwork
- includes quoations, plagiarism, translation, pastiche, parody
- uses a references from previous works based on the reader's prior knowledge to add layers of depth to the art work


- the visual experience of standing between two mirrors and experiencing the illusion of infinite reflections of one's image
- a picture appears within itself
- self-reflecting work

The 4th Wall

- the invisible wall in a theatre that separates actors on stage from the audience
- the audience can see through the wall as the camera is placed there instead but actors act as they can't see the wall (or the audience)

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