Friday, 27 October 2017

Perspectives Lectures: 'The Derrida Virus'


- statements establishing rigth or wrong actions, good or bad things/behaviour,
- usually demonstrating ethical and moral laws/standards in a particular society

Binary Oppostition

- two theoretical opposites which are strictly defined and set off against one another
- they cannot exist together, there is no middle ground
- e.g.: hot/cold, up/down, right/left, alive/dead


- literary and philosophy analysis challenging the logic of opposition within text
- it looks at how things were created especially art, books, poems, writtings, ..
- mainly based on writings of the French philosopher Jacques Derrida and Belgium/North American literary critic Paul De Man


- dissimalirity
- central concept in Jacques Derrida's deconstruction theories
- originated at a seminar given by Derrida in 1968
- according to Derrida's definition, the term is neither a word nor a concept and means either 'to differ' or 'to defer/postpone'


- to inscribe again
- to reestablish or rename in a new and especially stronger or better form/context

Cognitive Dissonance

- anxiety or unpleasant state of psychological tension
- feelings of discomfort which are the result from holdin twi conflicting beliefs, attitudes or behaviours
- e.g. when someone like the person but strongly disapprove with one of his/her habbits or belief

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