Saturday, 21 October 2017

Perspectives Lectures: 'Death of The Author'

The Canon

- a general principle/rule/law by which something is judged 
- an authoritative list of books accepted as 'Holy Scripture' established by critics as the one of the highest quality 


- 'Death White Eroupean Man'
- phrase describing a type of person viewed as injustly dominant (in literature and culture)
- ususally used by black or on-white people


- 1925 - 1930
- a doctrine or belief centered on the phallus 
- dominated and controlled by males


- centered on Eroupe
- considering Europe as a center to world culture, history, economics
- interpreting the world (hosotry, culture, art) through European values and experiences
- when describing something as Eurocentric, it means disapprovement with this doctrine as the result of centering around Europe and European people often cause suffering of other parts of the world in some way


- historical period since around middle of 20th century
- dealing with interaction between Europe and countries that gained independence after colonisation
- shows and discuss ways in which race, ethnicity, culture and human identity are represented in the modern era (after colonisation)
- in literature, we can often see a characters, who are struggling with their identities in the wake of colonization (especially in those coming out of Africa, India or the Middle East


- the presence or support of several distinct ethnities or ethnic groups within a society
- all of those cultural or racial groups have equal rights and none is ignored or regarded as unnimportant


- equality between male and female gender in political, economical and social terms 
- belief that both genders should be treated equally and have same rights

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