Thursday, 30 March 2017

Fantastic Voyage/cripts Draft #4

Fantastic Voyage/The Pitch Feedback

I think that my pitch went quite well and the feedback that I've got was really helpful. Surprisingly, I received much better feedback than I was expecting. It seemed, like my general idea and concept for the animation got positive responses. I was aware of some things that weren't working even before I just couldn't figure out how to improve them, but some of them I didn't realized. There is still quite a few thinks that I need to change and think through.

  • I need to give my story some learning outcome, message for audience and also go through the structure of the story and give it all more logic 
  • my concept art and environment designs are flat 
  • as I am trying to look at the cancer cell from a different angle, the word liquidator is a bit too strong 
  • showing the cancer cell as one individual is not very effective 
  • colour palette - colours for the environment are blending together and that's probably, what's creating a flat effect
  • timing of some shots is not working as for example shot of transformed cancer cell coming out from the darkness is too slow

I also realized just after my presentation and feedback that I've completely forgot to talk about my audience target research and what I have based my general idea on.

As I would like to create my environment from photoshop paintings layers, I need to do a few tests to make sure that it is working and that it's working with a 3D models of the cells as well.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Post OGR Changes/Story&Art Direction

I was trying to figure out some things from the OGR feedback. In terms of story, I am trying to make it a bit less scary and bring some solution so that I won't leave audience with horrible, helpless feeling.

New version:
-opening medium close up shot shows black silhouette of a human body with small moving, glowing dots in shades of turquose and blue colours which are representing healthy cells
-camera moves forward and goes inside the human body silhouettes
-camera is now inside the human body surrounded by cave-like environment 
-camera is moving in slow floating motion with occasional moves of tentecles, which are coming from behind the camera
-camera floats and stops infront of the cave wall with cave paintings showing the cell cycle of healthy cells
-cave paintings transforms into 3D cells and starts dividing, building wall and holding thight on to each other
-camera moves to a side and slightly zooms out to reviel a creature from which we saw only its tentecles before 
-this creature is lonely, lost cancer cell
-the cancer cell is watching healthy cells and is amazed how they colaborate together
-the cancer cell wants to join them and become a part of their community, but it doesn't know the way to divide properly so it starts uncontrolably dividing, growing fast and transforming into a giant spider
-as the wall of cells is fragile, the giant spider will end up ruins the wall and accidentally killing healthy cells as they get detached
-shocked cancer cell is looking at the mess with confussion when T-cell arrives to save the situation
-T-cell kicks out the cancer cell and clean up the mess
-cancer cell is sitting again in front of the cave paintings when they start to forming into the 3D cells and building a new wall
-the cancer cell is preparing to join them again when a group of T-cells get in her way and put a lattices in front of its to protect the wall of healthy cells
-the cancer cell gives up, sadly goes away and vanishes in the distances

Alongside all of these actions there will be voice over narrator explaining, what is happening in a way of telling an old tale (e.g. The Tale of the Three Brothers from Harry Potter or Vincent by Tim Burton). I also have an idea to use old English dictionary for voice over narrator lines to give the animation sophisticating feeling which I think could work nicely with an old tale storytelling. 

I am trying to create a sympathy for antihero of the story which in this case is the cancer cell. I hope that with the human body silhouette at the begging, all of it makes a little bit more sense now.

In terms of art direction, I would like to keep it in traditional art style with a sense of acrylic paints. Although I still keep in my mind, what happened with WIM. I've already discussed some options and how could I create my vision in Maya with Simon. My vision so far, is to design characters (cells) in simple shapes and for the details of acrylic paints I could use UV maps and paint over them either in Photoshop or I'll print out UV maps, paint over them in traditional way and then scan it back. Simon also told me about an option to bring photoshop layers into Maya, which I think could solved out the question how to transform my ideas for environment from 2D concepts into 3D software. My main inspiration for colour paletts is coming from Art Nouveau and retro/vintage posters. 

I've added some examples below for what I have in mind.

Textures example for characters

The visualization of virtual reality in this video is very similar for what I am aiming for in terms of visual aspects.

Another example of voice-over narrator.



I was trying to simplify the shapes by starting from silhouettes and using colour palettes that I've created earlier and then adding some details and textures. 

Fantastic Voyage/Cells Thumbnails 58 - 91

Fantastic Voyage/More Environment Thumbnails 31 - 39