Friday, 21 October 2016

Mission Statement

In Calvino's book, the city of Tamara is described as city full of signs, where nothing is really what it looks like. Each building and object in this city have some hiden sign which traveler mostly cannot decode. The streets of Tamara are full of signboards, buildings symbolized something else, statues of goddes. It seems to be a little mess but at the same time also mysterious place where every traveler can find something defferent that is closed to him.

The city of Tamara is reminding me of those cities such as London, Prague or Paris that have a hundreds of years of history but today we can only see just signs from their past and we can only guessing what stories those historical buildings are hidding from us. There can be also find a signs and symbols of different cultures, for example restaurants with kinds of international foods.

As I was exploring the city of Tamara I was feeling more and more that this city is so special that traveler cannot discover only its vissual side he has also feel it. This is why I choose to make my final concept arts looks blury and I was concentrating more on the atmosphere of the city.

''...Your gaze scans the streets as if they were written pages: the city says everything you must think, makes you repeat her discourse, and while you believe you are visiting Tamara you are only recording the names with which she defines herself and all her parts...''

This was the main reason why I decided to create for my Interior Establishing Shot The Historical Theater of Tamara. The actors in the theater can make you feel and believe in exactly the same way as Tamara is fooling her visitors.

For my Exterior Establishing Shot and Exterior Low Angle Shot I created the views of the pictures that Tamara is showing to the travelers and some of the pictures are melting down so they uncovering the actual objects under the signs.

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