Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Invisible Cities/Tamara/More Colour Keys for Low Angle Shot

I think that I will probably continue with either number 5 or 7 of these colour keys. As I feel it will express the best cheerful and mysterious feelings of Tamara that I had when I was reading the description about the city.  Also the blue colour on building on the right side could express in the best way this mirror-glass effect that I am trying to achieve.


  1. The only thing about 7 is it's reading as an image 'of two halves' - it would good to pick up the blue/green elsewhere in the composition to balance it out. When I see this image, I'm being directed very strongly to look through that gap into the view beyond... the only thing is I can't see what I'm being shown exactly - I'd argue that if we're making 'made' to look, we should be shown something clearly?

  2. Thank you for your advises. Yes that's true, there should be something to look at in the gap. I didn't realize it before so I will try to fix it and also balance the colours.