Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Invisible Cities Thumbnails/ZIRMA

Zirma is that kind of city which every traveler will return with distinct memories.
The city is redundant. Somethings will imprinted into the traveler mind.
 City of Zirma repeats itself. It is overcrowded and busy with too many skyscrapers where in each of them someone going crazy. It is full of lunatics, someone is shouting in the crowd, girl is walking with a puma on a leash, no one cares. 

Some travelers can remember many dirigibles flying in all direction, sailors getting tattoos, crammed underground trains with obese women and some of them saw just one dirigible and one tattooed sailor. 

Zirma is described as a grey city madness where people are unhappy, all their neighbours are just strangers. It reminds traveler from our world of those giant citites as New York or Hong Kong. 

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