Thursday, 27 October 2016

CG Artist Toolkit: Animation & Character - Lesson 04 (Bill Plympton)

Bill Plympton 

Bill Plympton is an American illustrator, cartoonist and animator born in 1946 in Oregon. He was working for 15 years in New York as an illustrator and cartoonist but he was always fascinated by animation. He created lots of well-known animations and in most of his cartoons and animations the male characters are self-portraits.

The most famous animations are: Idiots and Angels (2008), Your face (1987) and I Married a Strange Person (1997),

Film Stills from Your Face

Your Face is Bill Plympton´s most famous animation. This short animated film consist of man sitting in a chair in front of audience and is singing about his lover face. Strange things are happening to his face as he is singing. His face is deformating and chaging into weird shapes, inflating and spining in a grotesque way. In this short animation could be seen Plympton´s significant markmaking very well. 

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