Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Photoshop #1

Introduction to the CG Artist Toolkit Photoshop&Digital Painting

I was enjoying this class as Adobe Photoshop is one of my favourite digital art tools. Even though I was painting in PS before it took me some time to get into it again, because last few months I was working only with traditional tools such as watercolours on canvas, markers, pencils.  Therefore it was nice warm up for the beginning. 

During this first class we’ve made a few exercises and each of them focused on a different PS tool.

This first exercise was introduction to the brushes. With which I was struggling the most as it was my first time drawing on Mac computer. So I was mainly searching for new shortcuts. 

Second exercise I enjoyed the most. It is focused on PS tool called Lasso. 

And last one is focused on paiting with digital brushes and also combining two previous tools.

More Photoshop exercises and experiments coming soon... :)


  1. Great to see these Michaela. Always nice to see such expressive mark making. Looking forward to seeing more.