Friday, 30 September 2016

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Life Drawing Session #2

20 min pose, pencil

5 min poses, pencil and charcoal

2 min poses, pencil

15 min pose, pencil, oil pastel

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

CG Artist Toolkit: Animaiton & Character - Lesson 01

At our first class of CG Artist Toolkit: Animation&Character we were creating frame by frame animation in Adobe Animate. The task was to create animation in which I will convert myself into my favorite food, then into animal and back into myself.

It was the first time when I was using Adobe Animate and I really enjoyed this class. It was a lot of fun to changing myself into strawberry and then create auto-portrait from mouse.
C&A 1Y ME from Michaela Cernejova on Vimeo.

Space Oddities/Das Cabinet des Dr.Calighari/Film review

The Cabinet of Dr. Calighari is silent movie by German director Robert Wiene and it was written by Carl Mayer and Hans Janowite.

The movie was made in 1920 and it becomes most famous expressionist film which later influence science fiction, horror, film noir and Tim Burton and Terry Gillian work. This film is made in such a specific way that word Caligarismus created a new category of films.

The whole story is told in flashbacks by one of the main characters Francis. He is telling the story to the stranger sitting on the bench in the garden at asylum house. The story is about somnambulist that can predict future but he is controled by Dr. Calighari who is hypnotizing and forcing him to committing murders against his will.

The whole scenery of garden in the beginning  and at the end is very calm and normal which is in a big contrast with the rest of the film. Expression and atmosphere of film is based on contrasts like this and on restless, bizarre look of everything. The streets and buildings are arranged in crazy, unrealistic diagonals with sharp-edge shadows that reminds viewer of knifes. Characters wearing dark clothes and make up and communicate with each other using a strong gestures. Furniture and buildings are built in angles that makes viewer feel unsettle and uncomfortable. All of this makes viewers believe that the characters are unsafe and they cannot trust one another. Throughout the whole film are shown small texts that are completing and explaining silent gesutres of characters. Even the font of texts giving viewer strong, restless emotion.

Sharp edges of shadows and strong contrast between dark and light. 

Sharp edge of window reminding viewer a knife. 

Texts that are appearing throughout the film. 

It is only at the end when scenery is back in the garden, when viewer realize that this whole story was just a fiction of sick mind. 

Illustration #1 (W.I.P)

We were creating little monsters at our introduction class to Illustrator. We've got a random facts about our character and draw few quick sketches, then choose one and made it in more details using pen tool in Illustrator.

My character was bookworm with no legs, two eyes and four arms.

   Quick sketches with black marker and promarkers on paper.

Illustrator design for my bookworm in progress.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Who's Who - Concept Artist - Peter Popken

Peter Popken is a concept artist and storyboard artist for the film industry. In a career that dates back to 1996, Peter Popken has worked on numerous movies in a variety of genres. Such as Thor: The Dark World, V for Vendetta, Prince of Persia, Tarzan 3D, Around the World in 80 Days, The Three Musketeers, Cloud Atlas, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

Peter was born and raised in Germany. He studied graphic design in Munich. Already then he was working freelance for Architectural and Industrial Designers on the side. After graduating in 1994 he spent several years in animation studios as a Storyboard and Visual Development Artist.

Cloud Atlas

Tarzan 3D

Prince of Persia

On Peter's work I found very interesting the way how he's dealing with space and environment when he’s  creating concept arts for movies.  His buildings and cities are breathtaking but in real life it would be impossible to actually build those buildings .The reason why I choose to research Peter Popken artwork is that I would like to go in this unrealistic, dreamland way as well while creating concept art for one of my Invisible Cities. 

Life Drawing Session #1

15-20min poses

5min poses

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Influence maps

Photoshop #1

Introduction to the CG Artist Toolkit Photoshop&Digital Painting

I was enjoying this class as Adobe Photoshop is one of my favourite digital art tools. Even though I was painting in PS before it took me some time to get into it again, because last few months I was working only with traditional tools such as watercolours on canvas, markers, pencils.  Therefore it was nice warm up for the beginning. 

During this first class we’ve made a few exercises and each of them focused on a different PS tool.

This first exercise was introduction to the brushes. With which I was struggling the most as it was my first time drawing on Mac computer. So I was mainly searching for new shortcuts. 

Second exercise I enjoyed the most. It is focused on PS tool called Lasso. 

And last one is focused on paiting with digital brushes and also combining two previous tools.

More Photoshop exercises and experiments coming soon... :)

Summer project Computer Animation Arts 2016

As an introduction to our project we’ve been tasked to create Summer Project. We were supposed to make 101 sketches from objects below, choose three and then do it in detailed 3 views (front, profile, back). They were supposed to be generate into categories: structures, machines and life forms.




Life form